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Below is some of the testimonials from patients we have treated at the Watford Acupuncture Clinic.

"I visited Scott Peng during my first trimester of pregnancy as I was extremely sick and nauseous. Scott was very professional and undertook acupuncture on various parts of my body. He also stuck bead-like seeds inside of my ears targeting specific pressure points to help sickness. Overtime, my sickness reduced as did my nausea. I would recommend Scott Peng's treatments."

Mrs Shah, Northwood

"My name is Gwen. I am a cynical 70 year old pensioner. 2013 has been an annushorribilus! For the majority of the year, I had constantsciatic pain down my right leg. The more I moved the worse it became. The doctors have given me everything recommended by NICE. Usually with additional pills to counteract the ones prescribed. Nothing worked including physiotherapy. 30mg of codeine on top of the usual 8/500 co-coda mol, had me worrying that I could accidentally overdosetrying to get 'on top of the pain' which I never did.

By October, just after my 70th birthday, I no longer cared how many pills I took. Anyone who has suffered with sciatica will fully appreciate how I felt. I was so desperate I would have taken arsenic if offered. Following a friend's insistence, I looked up an acupuncturist on the internet and found Scott Peng.

How glad I am that I did. As I said before, I am on old cynic and I didn't hold out much hope; but that is exactly what I got from the very first session - HOPE. After almost 10 months someone had not only examined me but told me he believed the problem was muscular and that it could be resolved.Scott didn't promise a magic wand treatment but after three sessions my pain was reduced by 50%.

With ongoing treatment the pain has reduced to virtually nothing. I have weaned myself from all the pills. I can do housework, go shopping - even go dancing. I have a life again. It was worth every penny. Thanks to Scott and acupuncture I can now look forward to 2014."

Gwen, Watford

"I started treatment with Scott following a missed miscarriage. I was keen to conceive again quickly (the first time had taken quite a long time) and wanted to be sure that I was doing everything I could to ensure my body was in balance. I particularly liked Scott's style, which was professional, informative and friendly. Having needles stuck into you can be a little unnerving but Scott would put you at ease by explaining what he was doing and how it would help. I quickly learned to relax during the sessions undoubtedly helped by the massages and heat treatments. I soon felt less stressed and that my hormones were more in balance. More importantly, I managed to conceive again within a short space of time. This time everything has gone very smoothly and I have been fortunate enough to have had a remarkably easy pregnancy which I am sure Scott's treatment played a part in. My lovely baby was born on 2nd November, 2012. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him."

Lucy, Hertfordshire

"I first used Scott for a sports injury with successful results when I was introduced by my wife. A few years later, when I was suffering from symptoms of IBS and insomnia I went to Scott again. The insomnia wasn't a problem getting to sleep, but waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to get back to sleep again. I was very satisfied with the outcome once more, as the IBS symptoms which had been causing me problems for a while went away pretty quickly after a few acupuncture sessions combined with some dietary adjustments while the IBS was bad. Since then, I have been able to introduce the foods that caused me trouble before without any problems. At first Scott was treating me for both complaints but after a while he focussed on the insomnia which took a few more sessions, but it gradually went away too. I can recommend Scott and his acupuncture therapy for these complaints as it definitely worked for me."

Paul, Watford

"My name is Amee. I am 31 years old and just become a proud mother of a 7 week old baby girl. For many women, being a mum is relatively easy to achieve, but for me, I simply never thought I would ever get there!
I have polycystic ovaries; I've always had an irregular cycle (sometimes every 2 months, but sometimes I could go a whole summer without a bleed)! I also found out I had Cin2 cells and had a cone biopsy to remove them. As if that wasn't enough, they suspected endometriosis as well so to avoid wasting more time, I underwent a laparoscopy, but fortunately, it was clear. I never knew anyone with a cycle quite like mine so planning for a baby was always going to be a challenge, but by now I was willing to try anything and was reading a lot when I found out about how acupuncture can help. To be honest I was sceptical about the whole thing, not a big fan of needles (who is??) but decided it wasn't going to do any harm so I met Scott to discuss my issues. After the initial consultation and diagnosis, his focus started on re-balancing my system and trying to regulate my cycle. The idea was that we could focus on the fertility once my cycle recovered. The sessions were extremely relaxing and a great experience, often combined with massages, hot compresses, herbal oils and reflexology.

Scott advised me it would be around 5-6 sessions before I would notice any changes in my cycle, however.... Coincidence or not.... it was after the 6th session that I found out I was actually pregnant! I went on to have a healthy pregnancy and a normal delivery. It will be interesting to see what my cycle does after the birth, but I would definitely try acupuncture again!"

Amee, Hertfordshire

"I first visited Scott four years ago after suffering really badly with my sinuses. I had always had bad hay fever which was quite debilitating. On a trip to Los Angeles during a time when there bad fires in the suburban districts I picked up a severe sinus infection due to the bad pollution. On my return to the UK I spent months on antibiotics and various medication to try and clear my nasal passages. Nothing worked at all and I was finishing it hard to breathe with my nose running constantly. I was at my wits end and decided to try acupuncture. A short Internet search helped me to find Scott. I felt so much better after my first session and after three sessions my sinuses were completely clear. I see Scott once a month to keep my hay fever at bay, keep my sinuses clear and to boost my immune system. I feel better than I ever have before with more energy. I also seem to fight off coughs and colds more easily.

My sinuses occasionally still get inflamed, so much so that they touch on the teeth roots of my upper jaw. My dentist almost gave me root canal treatment thinking it was a damaged tooth. A simple X-ray showed it was an inflamed sinus and Scott cleared it very quickly.

Scott also does my stress points and I find this incredibly relaxing. The whole experience has been fantastic and works well as a specific treatment as well as a holistic approach to health care. I thoroughly recommend. Brilliant! "

David, Hertfordshire

"My name is Shailan. I am 21 years old. In May 2010, I developed an eye problem called Uvertis (dendritic ulcers) in my right eye. The consultant said it was a kind of fungal infection which might be caused stress and low immune. The symptom was red and dry eye with lots of discharge. It greatly impaired my vision to the extent that at times I could only see outline of objects and colours. I also had other symptoms like fatigue and pains and aches in my muscles and bones. During the next year, I made numerous trips to the eye hospital and the consultant prescribed different medication including steroid and anti-fungal drugs. However, it did not seem to make me feel any better and in fact on occasions aggravated the symptoms further.

My friend recommended me to see Scott for acupuncture treatment in July 2011. I didn't have much faith on him in the beginning. However, he convinced me after the first session of treatment that he was the one who could help me. The redness and discomfort in my eye started to reduce since the next day of the treatment and I felt very relaxed. After about 4 sessions of treatment, my eye was a lot better - the redness and dryness was gone and my vision was getting clearer. Gradually, the muscle ache disappeared and my energy came back. My consultant was pleased with my improvement. He reduced and then stopped my medication. After about 10 sessions of acupuncture treatment, all my symptoms were gone. My vision totally recovered. I was relaxed and energetic.

I was very lucky to find Scott. He is a great acupuncture doctor. I recommend him."

Shailen, Bushey

"I had been suffering for months from debilitating hot flushes and sleepless nights whilst going through the menopause. Scott treated me with a mixture of acupuncture and reflexology and I found great relief after only a few sessions. My hot flushes virtually disappeared and my sleep pattern has improved hugely.

I highly recommend his treatment as I found it to be most effective."

Nova, Northwood